Our Partners

Because together we are stronger and we can go farther, I am happy to collaborate with hospitality leaders to harness the power of collective intelligence, deliver the highest standards of services and bring about positive change in our industry.

They Trust Us

I am proud to represent the Transformational Travel Council as an Ambassador for France to contribute to unlocking travel’s potential to transform individuals, communities, and societies from the inside out.

ATMA.life works at the intersection of place-making and social innovation, we help you to create holistic concepts and projects that embrace the new paradigm mindset. Martin’s purpose is to create spaces that enable and inspire transformation, allowing society to transition to a new paradigm.

We harness the knowledge power of the world’s leading hospitality management university to support your business. Relying on EHL’s prestigious alumni community, our extended network brings together proven experts to provide fast, local responses to your specific needs.