Our Partners

Although we work primarily with hotel owners, developers and operators to support the development and operations of regenerative hotels and resorts, we collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders from Destinations, to local communities, to NGOs, to investors.

They Trust Us

SolutionsHI delivers outstanding boutique concepts & solutions to independent investors and hoteliers. We focus on the unique story of your Place, happy teams, and respect for the environment & local communities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for your guests, build thriving and resilient communities, and make your hotels & resorts stand out from the crowd.

We follow the Guidelines of “Good business” and expect our clients to do the same. Long-term profitability orientation, a high level of integrity, and a strong network of senior partners complete the picture for our clients.

We harness the knowledge power of the world’s leading hospitality management university to support your business. Relying on EHL’s prestigious alumni community, our extended network brings together proven experts to provide fast, local responses to your specific needs.

Join Us

You are a hotel owner or a destination who wants account to offer your guests a transformative experience while contributing to the regeneration of the environment and the development of the local communities?

You are an investor who wants to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return?

You are a NGO, an educational institution, an architect, or a regenerative enthusiast who wants to advance the regenerative economy by developing models and tools and promoting a new paradigm for our organizations and societies?

We will be happy to welcome you among our community of Regenerative Leaders! Let’s discuss it further together.

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