Hospitality Consultant, Strategist, and Change agent.

Regenerative Hospitality advocate dedicated to making Travel a force for good.

For years, I have been working as a business consultant, committed to achieving more, better, faster, in an attempt to “fit in” with the dominant socio-economic model of our modern societies only to realize that this model leads to disconnection, stress, disease, and unhappiness. The truth is we – as human beings – thrive in cooperation, connection, compassion, and care.

Following that intuition, I decided to go on a journey of transformation toward the unveiling of my “True Self” – filled with yoga, daily meditation, travel, meaningful relationships – which eventually enabled me to reconnect with myself, others, and the world, making me a more spiritual and compassionate being.

This journey also made me question my professional choices, asking myself even deeper questions: What is my higher purpose? What mark do I want to leave on the planet? How can I contribute to making the world a better place?

The answers to these questions where lying in my heart for my entire life: I want to live in a world where people can reconnect with their true nature and with the natural environment, a world where people can thrive, where the resources and the biodiversity can regenerate, where organizations and profits are a means to an end, where we favor collaboration over competition, reconnection over separation, and where everybody can bring its unique gift to the world.

The hospitality & travel industries can act as catalysts for making these transformations happen. With this vision in mind, I graduated with an Executive MBA from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland, determined to make Travel a force for good, while combining my passion for wellness, hospitality, and sustainability.

I also work as an External Consultant to the EHL Advisory Services, the consulting arm of the EHL Group.