Celebrating the Regenerative Power of Nature

Living in a more “regenerative” way goes beyond traveling responsibly. It is a lifestyle, a mindset, a philosophy of life that are embedded in our ways of being and showing up in the world. It requires to be aware of and live in tune with Nature’s cycles and principles. The following article is an invitation to ponder on that thought and connect to celebrate the rebirth and renewal of life the Spring Equinox conveys.

A couple of weeks ago winter retreated quietly and gently, leaving behind a seemingly long period of withdrawal, reflection, and inward focus, where we slowed down to the pace of life and planted the seeds of our visions and dreams for our life. Guided by the wisdom of nature and the flow of the seasons, we are now entering a transition space devoted to renewal, rebirth, and regeneration.

The spring season holds a power spiritual power. Now is the time to release the anxiety and fears that could have arisen from a period of uncertainty and global turmoil we have been through and let go of what no longer serves us. As we do so, we create more space and allow our attention and energy to nurture the fertile soil of possibilities we have sowed with our intentions and deeds over the last few months to see them blossom and bloom.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

– Lao Tzu

Life keeps running its course unshakably, entering a new cycle with patience and resilience, pregnant with possibilities. We make no exception as we are Nature. We have the opportunity to follow its lead and trust that the Universe will create a flourishing future filled with abundance of love and possibilities in the right time for us to enjoy.

Let’s connect to the energy of spring and celebrate its regenerative power by meditating together!

You are kindly invited to join me and the community of change agents dedicated to leading a more regenerative life through mindfulness and meditation. We will connect online and meditate together on Thursday 8th, April 2021 at 10 pm CET listening to this recording.

We meet online and meditate together every Thursday. It’s free and no-strings-attached…and its good for the soul and the planet!

Credit: Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unpslash; Meditation by Sarah Hall

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